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Hi and warm welcome to Harmonic Body Clinic, holistic practice based in Horley, Surrey, UK.

My name is Eva and my mission is to help people to better health and happiness using Colon Hydrotherapy, enhanced by Naturopathic nutritional Therapy as well as Buteyko breathing therapy if required. My clients’ health, welfare and comfort are my primary concerns and I will aim to give you the best treatment your body is asking for.

My biggest drive in my holistic journey was my daughter who suffered with severe eczema since 6 months of age and later with asthma. Realising allopathic medicine was not the solution to her struggles, I was determined to help her thrive towards better health using natural approach. This lead me to qualify as Naturopathic nutritional therapist (FNTP), Buteyko breathing practitioner (Buteyko International) and  Colon hydrotherapist (R.I.C.T.A.T.).

It will be my pleasure to help you awaken your body with a colon hydrotherapy session and remove the waste and gas build up in a gentle but effective way. As  I  use the closed system which maintains the highest standard of hygiene and safety, there is no pain, smell or mess.  The use of fully disposable equipment is absolute paramount in my clinic. Understandably, some people hesitate to come for their first colonics. If you are one of them, please stay assured that I will assist you through the the whole process, allowing you to relax and I trust you will be coming for more. It's all natural and it's great!

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